Scholars Alumni Network

Welcome to the Alumni Network!

When awarded a scholarship or grant by the American Australian Association, recipients are given lifelong access to the Scholar and Alumni Network, consisting of over 1,000 Graduate, Veteran and Arts scholars and alumni. The mission of this Network is to enrich the professional and personal lives of scholars and alumni, in the US, Australia and beyond, by supporting ongoing engagement with each other and the Association.

Through this network you can:
• Find and connect with other scholars through our Alumni Database
• Read and share alumni stories on the Alumni Blog
• Ask questions, start discussions or seek/offer mentorship via the Alumni Group Chat
• View upcoming events for alumni on the Alumni Calendar
• View, share and download photos from events in the Photo Gallery

The American Australian Association encourages alumni to continue to connect, grow, learn and inspire each other through this community, beyond the year of the scholarship support.

If you would like to suggest a social, educational or professional development opportunity and offer to help us develop a successful Network, please contact us at [email protected]

Code of Conduct:
We kindly ask all users to please exercise their best judgement and post material that is appropriate and respectful of all scholars, alumni and the Association. Thank you.