4 Pines was born over a decade ago from a casual conversation between father and son, post surf, who simply wanted an exceptional beer, but options were limited. It presented the wider family an opportunity to do something together; to build a small brewpub, introduce others to an exceptional beer and brewpub experience they had never seen before, build a little community where all were welcome and make some friends along the way.

4 Pines, was and continues to be built on throwing convention out the window, using alternative methods to measure success and having fun while we do it. We have learnt even the smallest of businesses can change the game and for us, it’s about leading in and being known for Employee Culture, Customer Experience, Innovation, Environmental & Social Responsibility and Exceptional Beer.

This innocent conversation that evolved into a brewpub became the foundation of a lifelong journey with family, friends and the community to restore the fun in people’s lives and forever challenge what the world imagines business should be. From here, we will keep on doing what we know best, to create, share and perpetuate Australia’s leading locally famous and globally celebrated beer company.