Dr. Peter C. Farrell, Founder and Chairman of ResMed, believes in giving back. For several years he has been a stalwart supporter of universities, primary and secondary education activities, as well as various arts and cultural organizations in the United States, Australia and elsewhere.

In 2001, Dr. Farrell decided to sharpen the focus of his giving objectives, and to include his off-spring in the process of philanthropy. “One of the more important gifts I could instill in my children is the knowledge that a true sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is achieved through giving back to the community. Giving is a responsibility, and should be done thoughtfully and carefully. We see our gift giving as an investment upon which we look for a return; a return that is a quantifiable improvement in society. In other words, we don’t give based on needs; we invest in expected outcomes.”

Thus in 2001, the Farrell Family Foundation was established. Serving on the board are Peter C. Farrell, Chairman; Kristi Burlingame, Executive Director, Treasurer and Secretary; and Dr. Farrell’s children, Catherine A. Sertori, Paul A. Farrell, and Michael J. Farrell, Chief Executive Officer of ResMed.