Ben Heim is an Australian composer and creative technologist currently based in New York City. His work spans contemporary classical music, film scoring, live immersive experiences, audiovisual performance, and virtual reality. He has composed music for banking apps in the UK, virtual reality games in Australia, documentaries in New York, audiovisual mapping works in Iceland, and for contemporary classical ensembles across the world.
In his audiovisual installations Heim creates dynamic systems in which strong two-way connections are forged between auditory and visual components. This produces synesthetic experiences as crosstalk between the senses multiplies. Heim’s works have been performed across Europe, Australia and the USA in events such as Tallinn Music week (Estonia) and Splice Festival (UK). He has collaborated with many organisations to create immersive events, including the London Contemporary Orchestra, and at the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik.