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Q & A with Business Council Member Tania Yuki

Business Council member, Tania Yuki,  founded Shareablee in February 2013. It now monitors more than 1M global companies and 9M+ influencers across social platforms using 800+ metrics. The Shareablee platform grew from Tania’s experience at comScore, where she led the development of its first online video measurement product.

We asked Tania about her experience as a successful Australian working in New York.

Describe Shareablee in one sentence.
An intelligence platform that powers decision-making across social media.

What have you found to be the main difference between doing business in Australia versus the US?
The main difference I’ve seen is how both cultures solve problems. In the U.S. when something goes wrong, or differently than intended, people are much more formal about the process – there are many meetings, roles are assigned etc. Australians have more of a bias for diving in and fixing things, and moving on. Australians are much less formal about roles and responsibilities.

What do you believe has been the key to Shareablee’s success to date?
Social media changes fast, and it’s hard to know where to focus. When choosing between something new and shiny, versus something more practical, we always go with practical. It’s about knowing whether your customer will truly value this. Shareablee has always been incredibly customer-focused in our product development. We are always asking ourselves, “will our customers really need this? Will this make their lives better? Will this make them more successful in their organization?”.

What has been your proudest moment as Founder & CEO of Shareablee?
Having my parents tour our office in New York for the first time, and meet our amazing team! They came right off the plane from Australia and I’m pretty sure still don’t fully know what we do, but it was terrific nonetheless.

What is next on the horizon for Shareablee?
The future of Shareablee is all about connecting time spent on social with the rest of the things that define a person – what else they’re watching/browsing, what they buy. We believe that the mobile device is the starter map of each person’s experience, and want to now focus on connecting the dots to help marketers fully understand the customer journey and experience.

What was your first job?
My first job was working on Warner Bros kids shows in shopping malls as an usherette/dancer, which meant I would walk around the shops inviting kids to come to the show, do the warm-up to get the kids ready and then participate in some of the songs etc. I think I was 14, and the show was Ali Ba-bugs and the forty thieves.

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