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Scholar Spotlight: Tristan Clemons

Meet Tristan Clemons: Research scientist & Assistant Professor in the School of Polymer Science and Engineering at the University of Southern Mississippi, former Australian hockey player – and 2017 AAA Dow Chemical Company Scholar.


As he moves from Northwestern University to his new position in Mississippi, Tristan will continue research into the use of polymeric materials for tissue regeneration, as well as advanced drug delivery for the treatment of burns, heart disease and spinal cord injuries. A new project will look into the global problem of plastic waste, with an aim to create new recyclable, biodegradable materials.


Connect with Tristan and learn more about his research below:

Twitter: @clemo_11

“What sport taught me about science” – Australian Academy of Science

Hierarchical Superstructures: Superstructured Biomaterials Formed by Exchange Dynamics and Host–Guest Interactions in Supramolecular Polymers – Advanced Science

A new wave of regenerative medicine born in movies – Northwestern Now

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