Welcome to the American Australian Association

The American Australian Association is the largest privately funded non-profit organization dedicated to broadening, strengthening and developing ties across the Pacific. For 75 years, our programs have connected our two cultures, guided our people and provided new opportunities for a diverse network of trail blazers.

Business & Innovation

The dynamic economic bond between Australia and the United States comes from the connections we help forge between institutions, business and people. By strengthening these bonds, we provide access to new opportunities.

Graduate Education

Our Education Fund provides scholarship awards of up to US $40,000 to support graduate-level study (Masters, Ph.D. or Post-Doctoral Research) to American and Australians to study in each other's countries respectively.


Our Veterans Fund provides scholarship awards of up to US $40,000 to support honorably discharged post-9/11 military veterans, from America and Australia, to pursue undergraduate and graduate-level study in each other's countries respectively.


Our Arts Fund provides scholarships and grants to support American and Australian emerging or early-career artists to pursue artistic development in each other’s countries.


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ANZAC Day & Veterans’ Lunch

Please join this ANZAC Day to celebrate and recognize the universal qualities of courage, ‘mateship’ and sacrifice made by all Australian, New Zealand and American service personnel who have fought and been lost at war. This esprit de corps was embodied at the ANZAC landing in Gallipoli, as well as by Australian and American troops who served under the joint Australian command of General Sir John Monash at the 1918 WWI Battle of Hamel and beyond.


Over US $15 million in Scholarships
& Grants awarded to date

Thank you for supporting our programs!