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Kathy Potts

2018 Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar (Graduate Education Fund)

Kathy Potts, 2018 Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar, was published in the National Library of Medicine for her postdoctoral work focusing on utilizing a multi-organism approach to identify targeted therapeutic approach for MDS, a type of blood cancer.

Learn more about the paper here!


Nik Marks

Nick Marks

2013 Arts Scholar (Graduate Education Fund)

2013 Arts Scholar Nick Mark released his album Cinematic Chromatic Vol. 1

“This groundbreaking EP, spanning 19 minutes and 52 seconds, is a musical masterpiece that showcases Marks’ prowess as a genre-blurring virtuoso. The EP seamlessly fuses elements of jazz, neo-soul, and electronica into a mesmerizing symphony that defies conventions.”

Not to mention his top listened song on Spotify, Between Gigs, which he released as a single in 2023 in addition to the EP!


Photo taken by Willa Koerner.

Jessica Lynne

Jessica Lynne, 2022 Beverley Art Writers Travel Grant winner, completes her trip to Australia where she engaged in studies focused on Carole Y. Johnson, founder of the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association.

In her own words from her website, Jessica is a writer and art critic. She is a founding editor of ARTS.BLACK, an online journal of art criticism from Black perspectives. Her writing has been featured in publications such as Artforum, The Believer, FriezeThe Los Angeles TimesThe Nation, and Oxford American, where she is a contributing editor.

Photo Credit: Sean Welski, Bower Blue

On July 26, we were thrilled to host a conversation between art writers Jessica Lynne and Jillian Steinhauer at our office in Manhattan.

To hear more about the Beverley Discussion:

New to art criticism?

Hear more from Jessica in the NPR podcast below:


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Victoria Manganiello

Victoria Manganiello, 2021 Arts Scholar, co-directed ‘The Domestic Machine’, a documentary film investigating the online craft and knitting communities.

Check out the project’s website to find out more!

A small cult following has kept this specific knitting tradition alive with lo-fi YouTube tutorials that have generated renewed interest in machine knitting for gen-Zers and millennials. A free, accessible archive like YouTube has facilitated mainly rural, female baby boomers’ creation of content that inspires social media influencers and posh fashion designers of a younger generation.

​With many of the prolific YouTube knitters growing with age, now is the time to document their stories and share, with the world the ways in which they have inspired community and craft in the internet era. “The Domestic Machine” juxtaposes the knitters of older generations with knitters of younger ones, many of whom are knitwear fashion designers and social media influencers. Throughout the film, we will meet people in both groups, in their homes and workspaces. The film will conclude with a gathering of everyone: A cross-generational bridge founded on a shared love and commitment to a niche craft.