APY Art Centre Collective

APYACC x American Australian Association


To commemorate the opening of our New York City headquarters, the American Australian Association was delighted to commission a custom artwork from the APY Art Centre Collective. This work is a collaboration between eight Indigenous women artists based in in Adelaide, South Australia:


The painting is about the work of Ngangkari – Traditional Healers – depicting some of the traditional plants that are used as medicine for the Anangu Traditional Healers. It was kindly donated by:

  • Melissa Babbage
  • John Berry
  • Sarah Beshar
  • Craig Chapman
  • Damian Eales
  • Charlie Grant
  • Denis Hickey
  • Shannon Marshall
  • Dave Perry
  • Sam Schoen
  • Jacqualine Spence
  • Kate Vale
  • Tania Yuki


We are proud to have it hanging as a focal piece of our new office.

Adelaide Studio Collaborative, 607-22AS, 200 x 300 cm, acrylic on Belgian linen, 2022, APY Art Centre Collective

The APY Art Centre Collective is a group of 10 Indigenous owned and governed enterprises. Located on the APY Lands, they work with a united vision and voice on strategic business initiatives and collaborative artistic projects. Their vision is to increase capacity for APY art centres and support their important work in APY communities, through:

  1. Creating and exploring new markets;
  2. Increasing art centre income and supporting business development; and
  3. Supporting innovative collaborative regional artistic projects, including the industry acclaimed Kulata Tjuta project, and the APY Photography initiative.

Learn more about the Collective and their galleries HERE.