Australian Haydn Ensemble performs at our NY Headquarters

On Tuesday, October 17th, we had the pleasure of hosting the Australian Haydn Ensemble as part of their US tour. The evening began with a breathtaking peachy sunset, setting the stage against the dazzling backdrop of the New York skyline for our talented musicians.

Ensemble Director and violin soloist, Skye McIntosh, took the audience on a journey back in time, enlightening us about the music-sharing customs during Joseph Haydn’s era, the period instruments on which his compositions were originally played, and the ensemble’s dedicated efforts to recreate that experience.

What followed was a captivating collection of musical stories expertly narrated by the ensemble members, engaging in a seamless and harmonious conversation with each other. It was a magical night that allowed us to rediscover the timeless works of Haydn, whether we were already familiar with his compositions or not.

Photography: Oliver Miller

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