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Scholar Spotlight: Jeff Groh

Meet Jeff Groh: Biologist, evolutionary geneticist, graduate student – and 2018 AAA-Sir Keith Murdoch Scholar.


Since completing his research at the University of Queensland, Jeff has been pursuing a PhD at the University of California, Davis, in the Center for Population Biology. His research centers around developing methods to study processes of speciation & hybridization using genomic data sets.


Connect with Jeff and learn more about his research below:

Twitter: @GrohJeff

On the origin of orphan hybrids between Aquilegia formosa and Aquilegia flavescensAoB Plants, Oxford Academic Journals

Phenotypic evidence for an extensive mosaic hybrid zone between two species of columbine, Aquilegia flavescens and A. formosaBotany, Canadian Science Publishing

Highly Replicated Evolution of Parapatric EcotypesMolecular Biology and Evolution, Oxford Academic Journals

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