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Australians Abroad: What You Need to Know

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Presented by the American Australian Association (AAA) and America Josh, this webinar will answer all the questions that Australians living abroad are currently facing in light of the strict travel restrictions in place in Australia that have impacted the way in which expats live their lives. Join our team of experts as they discuss travel, tax, immigration and other implications and answer your questions!


Questions for the panel can be submitted during registration.


Ambassador Katrina Cooper

Deputy Chief of Mission (Australian Embassy Washington)

Prior to taking up her current role, Ambassador Cooper served as Senior Legal Advisor in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (2013-17). In that role she advised on a range of sensitive international legal matters. Ambassador Cooper was the co-agent for Australia for the Compulsory Conciliation with Timor-Leste; the first ever Compulsory Conciliation under the Law of the Sea Convention. She was Australia’s Chief Negotiator at the September 2017 session at which the maritime boundary between Timor-Leste and Australia was agreed.


Ambassador Cooper led the Australian delegation to the Sixth Committee of the United Nations in New York from 2014-2016. As Senior Legal Advisor, she also regularly led Australian delegations to other international legal meetings and conferences. She was a member of the Australian team that inspected the American base station at the South Pole (Amundsen-Scott Station) in December 2016.


From 2014-2017 she was the Head of the Legal Faculty at Australia’s Diplomatic Academy; a member of the Advisory Board for the Centre for International and Public Law at the Australian National University; a member of the council for the Australia New Zealand Society for International Law; and a member of the Editorial Board of the Australian Yearbook of International Law. She is currently a member of the International Advisory Board of the Australian Yearbook of International Law.


Prior to serving as Senior Legal Advisor, she was Australia’s first female Ambassador to Mexico (2008-12). During that time, she was also accredited as Ambassador to Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Panama. She has had previous postings to Papua New Guinea and Chile. Prior to her appointment as Ambassador she was a Legal Advisor in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


She graduated from Law and Arts at the Australian National University with Honours in Law. She is a legal practitioner, admitted to the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory.

Ambassador John Berry

President (American Australian Association)

The American Australian Association President comes to the job well prepared after serving as the 25th US Ambassador and President Obama’s personal representative to Australia.


Prior to that, John served in multiple senior government positions, earning three unanimous Senate confirmations, including: the head of “HR” for the Federal government as Director of the Office of Personnel Management; the “COO” of the Department of Interior as Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget; the head of 40% of Federal law enforcement as Acting Assistant Secretary for Enforcement at the Treasury Department; and Legislative Director for Rep. Steny Hoyer. John has also been a leader in the non-profit sector, serving as the Director of the Smithsonian National Zoo; The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Government Relations for the Smithsonian Institution.


John has accomplished many firsts, most notably, the first openly LGBT US Ambassador to a G20 country and while at OPM, he was the highest ranking LGBT executive official in US history.


He has stood atop both poles – north and south, visited all of the world’s continents, as well as all of the states of both the USA and Australia.


His most favorite recognitions of the many received have been Department of the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, a lion named “John” in his honor and a mountain in Antarctica called the “Berry Bastion.” He is married to his partner of over 20 years, Curtis Yee.

Josh Pugh

America Josh

After arriving in New York City from Adelaide, South Australia in 2017 it was clear that transitioning your life from one country to another was stressful and difficult. It was also apparent that there was no real information available to help you along the way, so he started America Josh.


America Josh is an online guide and community network helping expats from all over the world move to and thrive in America.


The mission of America Josh is to make the transition more straightforward and life abroad less stressful for individuals. includes guides, reviews, tools, recommendations, and community-generated content to help with a move whether they are in the early stages of planning, have a firm plan to move, or have already made the move.


These online resources coupled with events and a thriving community provide a full suite of knowledge and assistance for anyone moving to or living in the U.S.

Zjantelle Cammisa Markel

Immigration Attorney & Principal (Cammisa Markel PLLC)

Zjantelle Cammisa Markel is the Principal of Cammisa Markel PLLC, a New York based immigration law firm that represents organizations and individuals from all over the world. Zjantelle arrived to the United States from her hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, with the intention of a brief visit. A decade, a husband and four children later, New York has become her home, and enabling other people’s American aspirations to happen is her passion.


Professional and friendly, Zjantelle obtains working visas for people at all levels of their career. From corporate executives to scholars. Zjantelle’s career spans Sydney, London, Rome and New York. This international experience gives her a unique understanding of European, Australian and American culture, laws and business practices. Her Australian background and specialization in processing E3 visas makes Zjantelle particularly popular with Australian clientele.

Josh Engstrom

Travel Professional (Liberty Travel)

Introducing Josh Engstrom, Travel Agent working in the US for Australian company Flight Centre Travel Group. Josh has been helping many Australian’s get back home from the US during the Covid-19 crisis, his and fellow Aussie America Josh weekly travel updates provide help and advice for all the Australian community in the US and beyond.

Jason Stoch

Certified Public Accountant (UpTrend Advisory)

Talking about tax, super, 401ks, and accounting right now.

Jason moved to the United States from Sydney in 2013 and spent over 3 years living in New York City. Having enough of the cabin fever that the cold winters bring, he moved to sunny San Diego where he now resides.


While living in New York City, Jason noticed that the majority of his Australian friends did not understand the US tax system and began to help them traverse the landscape as an American CPA and Australian Chartered Accountant.


Fast-forward to today, Jason established UpTrend Advisory, a boutique accounting, business and tax advisory firm where he specializes in expat taxes for individuals and is passionate about helping Australians navigate the US and Australian tax system for better outcomes.


Tuesday, 27 October
3pm PDT | 6:00pm EDT