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Song of @Merica

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as told by Gregory Uzelac, 2021 AAA Arts Fund Scholar



“In the start nothing existed, but even nothing is something and so the start of all things is, was, and will be not being alone… ” These are the first words of ‘The Song of @Merica,’ an epic tale that not only connects past, present, and future but aims to bring people together in the face of harsh social divisions.


Combining automatic writing, graphic storytelling, and mixed-media works, this new exhibition from internationally shown artist Gregory Uzelac is the complement to his Master’s thesis “Harnessing The Myths of Now: Restoring Social Harmony Through Mythic Art.” Influenced by Takashi Murakami’s Superflat Theory and the writings of mythologists, philosophers, and religious scholars, Uzelac sees the the revival of myth in society as a lost use for art in the face of local and global challenges. ‘The Song of @Merica’ now-myth, drawn directly from our contemporary culture and present-day challenges, is an open source story with all of its characters given to the public domain so that inspired viewers may continue this process of mythic rejuvenation.


Although contemporary in style, this collection of mixed-media paintings and sculpture embodies the timelessness of myth. The works are crafted entirely from recycled, repurposed, and reformed materials, literally constructing the saga from stories. Uzelac sees artistic representation of myth as a conduit that he facilitates, connecting viewers through the eternal mythic metaphors that create pluralistic societies, heal divides, and guide us in life.


Gregory Uzelac (b.1990) is an artist and writer from New York City. A multilingual son of immigrants, Uzelac’s work draws inspiration from the cultural hybridisation of migration, mass media, and myth, which he uses to blend and usurp classifications in order to tell stories that cross identitarian divides. Uzelac received a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University in the US in 2013. Song of @Merica was conceived as part of his Master of Fine Arts research degree at Sydney University. A transplant to Australia, Uzelac also writes for stage and screen and is a staunch defender of pop sensation ABBA.


Please note the exhibit is by appointment only. Please contact Gregory Uzelac to arrange a viewing.



Instagram: @greguzelac

Phone: +61 416987577


Email: [email protected]


December 1 – December 14, 2021


Sydney University Project Space

Quadrangle A14, Sydney University

Camperdown NSW 2048


Gregory Uzelac